The Prime Minister must terminate Cummings' contract

Millions of people are worried for their loved ones. They have made heartbreaking sacrifices every day since lockdown, including missing family gatherings like weddings and funerals.

People are rightly angry about Dominic Cummings' behaviour. It cannot be one rule for senior government officials and one rule for everyone else

It cannot be one rule for senior government officials and one rule for everyone else

Cummings' refusal to have the decency to apologise - and the Prime Minister's support for him - is an insult to us all.

It reveals the worst of their elitist arrogance. The bond of trust between the Government and the people has been broken.

The buck stops with the Prime Minister and his judgement is now in question. He must come clean about what he knew and when, and terminate Dominic Cummings' contract.

Each minute the Prime Minister fails to act is another minute the Government is distracted from upscaling Britain's testing capacity, securing PPE for frontline workers and preventing the tragic deaths in our care homes.

All Conservative MPs must stop defending the indefensible and put the health, wellbeing and economy of our country first by calling for the Prime Minister's scandal-hit spin doctor-in-chief to go.

"When we need really strong clear public health messaging on #COVID__19, the government's messaging has been completely confused by Dominic Cummnings' behaviour, and that's why he must go."- @EdwardJDavey Sign our petition to sack #DominicCummings ?

- Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 26, 2020

It is now clearer than ever that, once we are through this crisis, there must also be an independent inquiry to review the Government's actions, so we can learn lessons.

Some of the key questions that need answering:

There must be an independent inquiry to review the Government's actions

●Why is the level of testing so low compared to some countries? What is the Government doing to increase testing to prevent a surge in infections as the lockdown is eased?

●Why is there a lack of protective equipment for frontline workers? What is the Government doing to get them the kit they need, now?

●Why are so many people dying in care homes? What is the Government doing to make sure all care home residents and staff get the testing they need, now?

The Government is asking a lot of the public during this crisis, and the British people deserve clear, honest answers in return.

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