Sunderland Council’s vision for city in 2030 “an insult” for Washington – Lib Dems

Campaigners in Washington have slammed Sunderland Council’s strategic vision for the city between now and 2030 for offering “next to nothing” for the town.

Sunderland City Council’s ruling cabinet will debate and approve the ‘City Plan. Sunderland 2019 – 2030’ tomorrow (16th July).

The Council states that “the City Plan is considered to fulfil the role of a corporate plan as the primary statement of both the council’s and the city’s strategic direction and key priorities.”

The plan covers issues like improving the city centre, jobs, skills, health and transport. But it has come in for criticism from Liberal Democrats in Washington who claim the town has been completely ignored by city leaders.

The document only mentions Washington once, committing the Council to improving transport links between the town and Sunderland City Centre by 2025.

Commenting, Washington Lib Dems spokesperson Carlton West said: “This plan for the city between 2019 and 2030 is typical of Sunderland Council. Washington is only mentioned once and it is clear the needs of our town are set to continue to play second fiddle to Sunderland city centre. Quite simply, it’s an insult which promises next to nothing for Washington residents.

“Just offering our town better transport with Sunderland City Centre in 6 years time is typical of this Council’s thinking that if only people in Washington could get to Sunderland a bit quicker then their lives would be fulfilled.

“Sunderland Council needs to recognise the contempt in which they are held by the 67,000 people in Washington. Our town deserves better than being an afterthought. We need investment, recognition that we are our own community, and better facilities for families and young people in particular. For years we have been promised a cinema and restaurants but they havent materialised.

"The Council should develop a strategic vision for Washington as a matter of priority.”

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