Save the Thorney Close Inn

Paul Edgeworth wants to save the Thorney Close Inn

Lib Dem campaigner Paul Edgeworth wants the Thorney Close Inn to remain as a pub

Local Liberal Democrats in Thorney Close Paul Edgeworth, Councillor Margaret Crosby and Councillor Stephen O'Brien, are fighting to keep the Thorney Close Inn as a pub and community meeting place.

There has been talk about the current management at the club moving on, raising fears from the community that the owner of the building may try to convert it or sell the site for housing, leaving Thorney Close without a community pub and meeting place.

Listing the club as an 'Asset of Community Value' would mean if the owner tries to sell it or convert it into another use the community would be given six months to find someone else to run the pub, or to allow the community to put a bid together to take it over.

Please sign the petition below to urge Sunderland City Council to give the Thorney Close Inn Asset of Community Value status to help keep it as a local pub in the future.

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