Local residents angry over the badly planned opening of Lambton Estate

A number of residents in Bournmoor have been left furious after the poorly planned opening of the Lambton Estate left an influx of cars parked on a busy main road, a construction access road, and blocking access to driveways.

Those living just on the outskirts of the Lambton Estate, in Bournmoor, have been worst affected. Visitors use local streets as a car park and in some cases block safe access to resident's driveways.

Poor signage and information for visitors are to blame, with those travelling to see the recently opened estate unsure where to park. 

Commenting on the issue, Lib Dem Campaigner Michael Peacock said “The opening up of the Lambton Estate is great to see, but once again local residents are bearing the brunt of poor planning. Last year residents faced significant travel disruption, and difficulty accessing local amenities due to a new roundabout being constructed to support the new development.” 

“Despite there being large car parks within the estate, one of which was mostly empty, visitors are unsure as to where to park, so they have resorted to parking on the busy main road, and in front of residents properties.”

“Within the estate, signage asks visitors to be conscious of residents who live within Lambton Park, but no such signage exists for those living in the outskirts of the estate. A small sign directing visitors to the large car parks is only visible once you enter the road into Lambton Park, and during Sundays busy visiting hours, was obscured by parked cars.”

Residents are asking that signage be improved so it is clear which road visitors need to use to access the estate and to direct visitors away from nearby residential areas. 

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