Lib Dems announce MP candidate for Washington & Sunderland West

Wearside Liberal Democrats have announced Carlton West as their candidate for the Washington and Sunderland West constituency at the next General Election.

Party members across the city of Sunderland council area have voted to select Washington local Carlton West as their candidate to become the next MP for the Washington and Sunderland West constituency.

The constituency includes the entire town of Washington, as well as the Hylton Red House, Castletown, Town End Farm, Hylton Castle, Witherwack and Downhill areas of Sunderland north of the River Wear, as well as Pennywell and South Hylton south of the river. 

Carlton West was born in Durham and raised in Washington, always living in the old Durham coal field community.  He attended Blackfell Junior School and Oxclose Comprehensive as well as Bede College in Sundarland.

He has a varied work history including time in the Royal Air Force, working in the recruitment industry and most recently in banking.

Carlton is currently employed as a Business Banking manager working with small and medium sized companies, working at Doxford International Business Park in Sunderland.

Carlton wants to provide an opposition voice for residents and to end decades of complacency from Labour MPs on Wearside.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat MP candidate for Washington and Sunderland Carlton West said:

“As a proud Washington lad it sickens me that the Labour monopoly continues in my area with all but one local councillors representing the Labour party.  Washington and Sunderland West communities are forgotten and are hungry for the recognition and support they deserve from their elected representatives.  I am not a career politician and didn’t join the Lib Dems until 2016.  I am just an ordinary Washington lad who feels we deserve better and are being let down.

“I regularly ask councillors what they spend in Washington and ask for any evidence that they consider us and have a desire to improve our communities as well as our working and living environment and the answers are always depressing and disappointing.  But we are not only facing neglect from our Labour council but also experience disdain from the uncaring and thoughtless conservative government.

“Locally I want a ring fenced budget for Washington infrastructure projects such as improving our night time economy and providing services and things to do for our young people.  At the moment Washington residents have to travel to Boldon or into Sunderland just to go to the cinema.  We has a cinema application approved in 2014 and still we wait.  I am also keen on Washington residents having more say on money spent in the area so am keen for us to have our own town council so Washington residents can make decisions on how and where some of our own money is spent.

“On the national stage I am terrified of a No Deal Brexit.  The car industry is in the doldrums and its obvious to me that adding 10% tariffs to the cars Nissan Sunderland export which is an estimated 60% of output will put the plant in jeopardy.  Nissan Sunderland also import an estimated 85% of the parts that go onto the vehicles they make and surely if the parts incur tariff costs this will make the cars too expensive and less attractive to buy. A No Deal Brexit will damage the North East the most due to our excellence in exporting and will hurt Sunderland the most, effecting jobs, livelihoods and living standards.

“Washington and Sunderland West need a strong Liberal Democrat opposition voice standing up for the best interests of local people against a heartless Conservative government and against decades of complacency and neglect from local Labour MPs and councillors.”

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