Labour's refusal to support second referendum will cost them dearly in NE European Elections

It is now very clear that Labour are trying to face both ways on Brexit and cannot be relied upon to support a second referendum. This is a game changer for the forthcoming European elections in the North East and it is likely that the backlash from angry Remainers who feel let down by Labour's leadership on this issue will begin at Thursday's local election.

We are already aware of thousands of Labour supporters in the North East who have declared they can no longer support Labour, and there has been a significant surge in new Lib Dem members in the last few hours. This surge will turn into a tidal wave if Labour's leadership enables a Lab-Con Brexit.

The ground has shifted significantly today in the European election contest. Remainers in the North East who thought Labour was on their side have been betrayed. They need to send a very clear message to Labour on May 2nd and May 23rd.

"The Greens are unable to elect a councillor in this region. I served as one of the North East's MEPs between 2004 and 2014. It is a very clear choice for Remain voters in this region. Remainers need to vote Liberal Democrat in the North East to stop Brexit.