Go North East cuts leave Ryhope pensioners high and dry

People on an estate in Ryhope in Sunderland are at risk of being left stranded as Go North East withdraw services from the area on 1st June.

Bus company Go North East is drastically cutting its services from 1st June, slashing services as people start to come out of lockdown.

The decision means residents on Tunstall Bank Estate in Ryhope will have no services during the day Monday to Saturday, as the 38 bus will now only go as far as Hollycarrside.

The 38C service will operate through Ravensworth and Runcorn on Tunstall Bank Estate, but only on evenings and Sundays with one bus per hour.

Whilst other services will serve Tunstall Bank - the main route through Ryhope - the local councillor for area reacted with fury as it means the estate will hardly be served at all.

Commenting, local Lib Dem councillor Heather Fagan said:

“Whilst Go North East claim the decision is fine because people can still walk down to the main road on Tunstall Bank to catch a bus into the city centre, it is going to leave people with a long walk up and down the hilly streets of Tunstall Bank Estate.

“If you’re older or have mobility problems you just aren’t going to be able to get back up to the top of the estate, especially if you have shopping to carry. I am really worried this decision will leave people unable to get out and about during the day.

“Go North East haven’t consulted with residents or with local councillors and have announced these changes at such short notice. I’m urging them to change their mind and bring back a regular bus service to this part of Ryhope as a matter of priority.”

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