Fury at plans for Seaburn building site to operate from 8am – 9pm

An application has been submitted to Sunderland Council for works at a Seaburn building site to be allowed to take place from 8am until 9pm, prompting anger from neighbours and local Lib Dems.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Malcolm Bond at the site where new houses are being built next to South Bents estate

Liberal Democrat campaigner Malcolm Bond at the site where new houses are being built next to South Bents estate

Miller Homes have applied to Sunderland City Council to be allowed to work on the site of new homes being built at Seaburn Camp later at night.

The building site is adjacent to the South Bents estate, where residents are up in arms about the prospect of building work starting at 8am and going on until 9 at night.

Families in houses adjoining the building site on Huntcliffe, Weardale and Cleveland avenues are likely to be most affected.

Residents on the rest of the estate also face lorries accessing and leaving the site earlier in the morning and later at night. A temporary access road to the building site through Seaburn Camp was promised but was never built, meaning waggons have to access the site through the existing housing estate next door.

Commenting, South Bents resident and Liberal Democrat campaigner for Fulwell and Seaburn Malcolm Bond said:

"Miller Homes have paid scant regard to the interests of South Bents Estate residents during the construction of their new housing estate.

"The temporary access road Miller promised through Seaburn Camp has failed to materialise and subsequently residents have been subjected to severe noise pollution from the site and mud laden streets from massive and noisy HGVs using our estate.

"That Miller should use the present Covid pandemic as an excuse to seek to extend the problems they have inflicted on us is a final straw. The Conservative Government's legislation that encourages them to do this beggars belief.

"Sunderland Council must now stand up to Miller Homes and protect residents from even more noise and disturbance than they are already putting up with."

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