Care home coronavirus outbreaks are frightening - we need PPE and testing for frontline staff

Susan Taylor - lady in care home (long time Lib Dem so freely useable)"Care homes provide a home for some of the most elderly and vulnerable people right across our country, " says Cllr Dr Wendy Taylor, who speaks for Newcastle Liberal Democrats on health and social care issue . "Statistics showing that 13.5% of care homes have faced an outbreak of coronavirus are therefore incredibly worrying. Residents are in isolation in a number of Newcastle care homes. My Mum (see photo) was in a care home for the last year of her life, so I know how worrying it must be for relatives. "The Liberal Democrats have long been calling for the staff at care homes, along with NHS staff and social care workers, to be provided with adequate personal protective equipment as well as tests to diagnose if they have the virus. "These frontline workers are caring for the most vulnerable in our society. It's vital the government acts quickly before we see even more care homes fall into crisis. "With so many healthcare workers on the front line working without proper PPE or testing, these outbreaks may appear inevitable. The government needs to act and fast - to protect frontline staff as well as the most vulnerable in our society who they care for." The Government's press conference reported that 13.5% of care homes have had an outbreak of coronavirus, with 92 care homes declaring an outbreak in the past 24 hours alone. Current opinion is this is currently a significant under-reporting Published and promoted by Newcastle upon Tyne Liberal Democrats, 41 Rydal Road Gosforth Newcastle Upon Tyne NE3 1URPrinted (hosted) by Prater Raines Ltd, 98 Sandgate High Street, Folkestone CT20 3BY

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