Call for speed calming measures outside Portland Academy

A car crash outside Portland Academy school in Doxford has led local councillor Heather Fagan to demand measures to reduce speeding on roads in the area.

Councillor Heather Fagan inspecting recent damage on Weymouth Road

Councillor Heather Fagan inspects damage caused by the crash

The roundabout outside Portland Academy on Weymouth Road - between Hall Farm, Chapelgarth and Moorside estates - was the scene of a car smash at the weekend, with bollards, lights and signs on the roundabout being destroyed.

Fencing at a new park opposite the school as part of the Potters Hill housing development was also badly damaged with parts of the car bumper being left behind at the scene.

The incident has led the local councillor for the area to demand the city council installs speed calming measures on the roads outside the school.

Lib Dem councillor for Doxford Heather Fagan explained:

"For months residents have been complaining about excessive speeding on these roads between Hall Farm, Chapelgarth, Moorisde and Potters Hill estates - especially outside Portland School.

"The scale of the damage to the roundabout and fencing around the park and pond is shocking. I dread to think what would have happened if there had been kids and families from the school or the community about at the time.

"I've reported the incident and am asking for repairs to fences and the roundabout itself. Sunderland Council have previously agreed in principle to speed calming measures along this stretch of road, but there's no timetable for when we are going to see them.

"In light of this incident over the weekend I'm calling on the Council to prioritise getting speed reduction measures in place as quickly as possible to avoid more accidents before anyone gets hurt."

You can sign Heather Fagan's petition for speed calming measures here:

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